The Children's Fund began in 1972 with five couples sponsoring a dance and party.  Their intention was to stage a fun event, charge admission, and if funds were available after the festivities, donate them to a suitable charity.  Although everyone enjoyed the party, the fundraising was not successful and the members had a deficit to fund.
In 1974, the original members decided that the event was worth repeating, with changes to prevent the deficits incurred in 1973.  They began formally soliciting donors for the dance and selected the Texas Children's Hospital as the benefactor for the proceeds.  The dance was again a success, and this time $4,000 in net proceeds was awarded to the Texas Children's Hospital.
This informal structure continued until 1976, when a group determined it was time to organize.  Management by committee had become difficult as the dance grew in size and stature, so bylaws were written and a formal structure of volunteer officers/directors was established.  The group also decided that while the Texas Children's Hospital was a worthwhile charity, formal sources of charitable giving to the hospital were already in place.  Therefore, the group decided to expand its reach to additional charities, with service to children in Houston as the only criteria.  At this point, The Children's Fund added new members and formalized the fund-raising criteria.
As of 2016, The Children's Fund has grown to 75 active member couples and approximately 80 Emeritus couples, and the annual fund-raising has grown from $4,000 to more than $700,000. More than 1,000 people now attend the annual gala, which began as a gathering of 150. Most importantly, The Children's Fund is now an established institution that holds a significant place in Houston's community of charitable organizations.

The Children’s Fund has been granted not-for-profit status under section 501C(3) of the IRS code. Accordingly, contributions made to the organization are deductible for federal income tax purposes subject to the following. All contributions must be supported by this receipt. Such deduction is also limited to the excess of the amount paid for the item(s) over the fair market value. We encourage you to consult your tax advisor regarding donations and deductibility to you.

501C(3) exemption no.: 74-1870298

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